Art Contests and Exhibitions

day-of-the-dead mardi-gras

The Cottage hosts themed parties such as Mardi Gras in February and Dia de Los Muertos in October.

One of the best ways to promote creativity is to sponsor art contests and art exhibits.   The shows promote our fellow artists in the community, and broaden their exposure as well as provide a wealth of art options for art lovers and collectors.


January – “Winter” Art Contest

February – “Romance” Art Show

April – “Curves” Art Contest

May – Blue Dome Arts Festival

June – “Green” Art Contest

July – “Landscapes” Art Contest

August – “Deco” Art Contest

October – 3rd Annual “Skulls” show

November – “Low Brow” Holiday Art Sale.  Everything under $50


In 2017 we hosted the following art contests and exhibitions:

“Dual Art show Wood and Metal” featuring the artwork and sculptures by Aubree Karner’s “Piece Process” and Hector Saucedo’s “Metal Works”

“Heartstrung Art Contest and Exhibition” art that plucks your heart strings.

“SweetArt Art Contest and Exhibition” a show of nonedible food art

“Outer Spaces Art Contest and Exhibition” featuring landscapes from this world and beyond

“Skulls Art Contest and Exhibition” a collection of skulls from every genre

“Art In Motion”

“SKULLS 2017”



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