Featured Artists

Glenda Maxey

Best in Show 2017 “Art in Motion” Contest

“Protector” FOR SALE $300

Protector by Glenda Maxey Glenda Maxey

Patty Porter

First Place 2017 “Art in Motion” Contest

“Stepping Out” SOLD

Stepping Out by Patty Porter Patty Porter with Sandi Willhite

Linda Moody

Second Place 2017 “Art in Motion” Contest

Jewelry FOR SALE $45

Jewelry by Linda Moody Linda Moody

Ricardo Sanchez

Third Place 2017 “Art in Motion” Contest

“Then is was all Gone” FOR SALE $1500

Then it was All Gone by Ricardo Sanchez Ricardo Sanchez

Caleb Burgess

Best in Show 2017 Skulls Art Contest

“Jung Love” FOR SALE $800

caleb burgess caleb


Carrie Smith

First Place at 2017 Skulls Art Contest

“I hope the leaving is joyful, and I hope I never return”


Carrie Smith Carrie

Tyler Belding

Second Place 2017 Skulls Art Contest

Ram (SOLD)

tyler belding Tyler