Colleen Stiles

Much of my current work involves a focus on figurative work, incorporating a variety of textures and finishes – such as textiles, driftwood, bones, sawdust, earth and paint – onto forms created by plaster body casts. The layering of materials onto the posed life-sized figures builds visual interest at the same time it builds meaning and purpose related to the social framework in which we live.

Colleen Stiles Colleen Stiles Colleen Stiles Colleen Stiles

Bogie Borchardt

The “Cottage artists of the week” Shark week edition. Bogie Borchardt is an edgy, energetic artist from Claremore. We met at the “Art on the Hill” festival this summer. Her piece “Jesus Fish” adds spice to our art store. We met @Mitchell at his art booth in Guthrie a couple of summers ago. His logic-based, unconventional philosophy is displayed in his pieces. He finds out-of-style prints that used to hang above your grandmother’s sofa and adds illustrations of Bigfoot and Megladon.

Bogie Borchardt Bogie Borchardt Bogie Borchardt Bogie Borchardt Bogie Borchardt

Todd Sparks

The Cottage Artist of the week is Todd Sparks. See or drop by the  Cottage

Todd Sparks Todd Sparks Todd Sparks